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  • Christmas Flower Give Away Announced! — UPDATED!

    Girard at Large and Jacques Flower Shop are teaming up to brighten your holidays!  We’re giving away 

  • Gaudet’s Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

    (Hour 1c) Jim Gaudet put on his Public Safety hat to share several tips that will help keep you safe this holiday shopping season.

  • Discussing the Criminalization of Free Speech

    (Hour 1a, b) (Hour 1a) Busy, busy, busy were the three best words to describe this morning’s show.  We’re never too busy to share

  • Pet Sense: Adopting Cordless Cord, Gift Do’s & Don’ts

    (Hour 1c) Shelley Greenglass came in bearing gifts from the Manchester Animal Shelter this morning:  delicious coffee cake from the famous

  • Head Lice Outrage at Wilson School

    (Hour 2a, b) (Hour 2a) Courtney Witham and Reuben Rowell have a 7-year old daughter at the Henry Wilson Elementary School.  They’re not fans of the new head lice policy

  • Auto Care Corner: Why Economy Parts Can Cost You

    (Hour 2c) You get what you pay for. The same most certainly applies to buying parts for your car. Paul Rivard of Auto Care Plus explained

  • MHT’s Head Lice Mess; Al’s Weekend, Christmas Forecasts

    (Hour 3a) Rich assessed Manchester’s head lice mess.  Have they made matters worse with their new “compassionate” policy?  Is the problem

  • Fountain on Goffstown HS Sports, Hall of Fame Nominees

    (Hour 3b) Goffstown High School Athletic Director Steve Fountain gave us an education in Goffstown sports and some of their recent big-time

  • Corriveau on Regulating Ride Sharing Services

    (Hour 3c) Manchester Alderman Garth Corriveau joined us in studio to share his experiences as a new father and the welcome addition of

  • On Air News Read for December 19, 2012

    School budget writers in Londonderry seem to be sharpening their knives as enrollments fall, but staff and citizens group are opposing the reductions and even proposing the construction of new facilities as taxpayers cry uncle.  The Londonderry Times is reporting that,

  • Saluting Sidekicks, Carlin’s Comic Genius

    (Hour 1a) We’ve upped the ante on the Jacques Christmas Flower Giveaway.  Have you entered yet? We welcomed Brad Fernald, the sidekick-in-training, in to