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  • Tentative agreement between MHT and MEA

    Given the “raging controversy” over this radio show’s release of the tentative agreement between the Manchester School District and the Manchester Education Association, we publish the document in

  • Double voter “Nailed” in Manchester–updated

    Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers has nabbed not just someone who is registered to vote in NH and in another state, but someone who likely voted in both in 2008.  We have the story below.

  • Jeanne Shaheen: Voter Fraud Queen

    By Ed Naile, Chairman of the Coalition of NH Taxpayers Jeanne Shaheen the Voter Fraud Queen is going to run as negative a campaign as she can against the Independent she is going to face in November.

  • Brand on Friends of the Poor Walk, Food Pantry at Ste. Marie’s

    (Hour 1b) Tim Brand gave us the details on Saturday’s (09/20) Friends of the Poor Walk. Whether you walk, run or bike, Briand welcomed

  • Pet Sense: Cassidy, Cash Stash, Wine & Chocolate Fundraiser

    (Hour 1c) Shelley Greenglass of the Manchester Animal Shelter was in a “winning winning” mood this morning. She gave us the scoop on

  • Timberlane RSD: Green Strikes Back, Details Corruption

    (Hour 1a, 2a, 2b) (Hour 1a) We’ve got MUCH to share on explosive new developments at the Timberlane Regional School District. “Wasted

  • Auto Care Corner: Factoring Out Folklore for Freezing Temps

    (Hour 2c) With that chilly weather right around the corner, John Manelas of Auto Care Plus joined us to talk… cooling systems. And

  • Local Traffic Trouble; Sunny Skies Ahead

    (Hour 3a) Rich gave out some streaming advice for folks having trouble. Armand called in some traffic trouble happening on Rte 114 in Goffstown. WBIN-TV

  • Tabloid Ted Gets Caught

    (Hour 3b) Rich set the record straight on his being elected as a delegate to the Republican State Committee. That might come as a surprise to “Tabloid” Ted Siefer,

  • NH GOP’s Civil War Over The Right To Life

    (Hour 3c) We discussed the Libertarian movement’s attempts to remove socially conservative planks from the Republican Party. And the NH GOP’s Civil War over the

  • On Air News Read for September 19, 2014

    Timberlane Regional School Board Member Donna Green, who has been the target of administrator insults, harassment and bogus investigations has had enough and taken decisive action to

  • Bedford Primary — How Many Democrats Were Posing as Republicans?

    Specious accusations against legitimate Republican candidates have little effect In the recent primary election, seven candidates for State Rep from Bedford banded together on a “ticket” to express their support for each other, and for the Republican platform.