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  • Advisory: Parking Lot Safety Tips for the Holiday Shopping Season

    We present the following from the Manchester Police Department: With the holiday season fast approaching the Manchester Police Department would like to advise you of a few safety tips

  • NH Journalism School Starts With ONE Lesson…

    We publish this guest Op Ed about the media’s coverage of the election of State Rep. Bill O’Brien (R-Mont Vernon) to be Speaker of the NH House.  Your submissions are welcomed!  ~Publis

  • Questions for Officials Tolerating Tyranny at Timberlane RSD

    (Hour 1a, b) (Hour 1a) Maybe the Superintendent of the Timberlane Regional School District should be spending more time doing his job

  • Greenglass on Boston, Neutering Policy at MHT Animal Shelter

    (Hour 1c) Shelley Greenglass of the Manchester Animal Shelter told us about Boston, a poncho-wearing pitbull who loves car rides and

  • Obama’s Executive Flouting of Law

    (Hour 2a) Laws?  What are those? Rich had much to say about Obama’s Executive Amnesty, the contradictions in Obama’s speech last night and

  • Banfield on Pushing Back Against Federal Overreach Seminar

    (Hour 2b) Ann Marie Banfield of Cornerstone Research gave us the details on a unique seminar. “Practical Federalism: How the Federal Government

  • Rivard’s Winter Survival Kit Checklist for Your Car

    (Hour 2c) Being prepared for the winter weather is not something you want to put off.  Just ask the residents of Buffalo, NY! Paul Rivard

  • Tapper on Obamacare Lies; Kaprielian on Buffalo Snow

    (Hour 3a) We thought a well-done report by Jake Tapper at CNN (of all places) pretty much summed up every reason not to believe a word

  • Bachert on Vendor Bingo at McLaughlin Middle School

    (Hour 3b) Tracy Bachert called in with the details on tonight’s big Vendor Bingo shindig at McLaughlin Middle School from 6pm to 8pm.

  • Shaw on Truck Traffic Trouble on South End of MHT

    (Hour 3c) NH State Rep. and MHT Ward 9 Alderman Barbara Shaw came in to discuss the problems with truck traffic in her neighborhood. The